About Us

A bio of each of the current co-founders.

Nathan Buckley


Born into a poor, fractured family just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Nathan was abandoned by his single mother at age 6 and lived in a foster home for several years before being adopted and raised in an upper middle class town at age 9. The contrast of his social and economic experiences in different locations under different parents cultivated a strong desire within him to help those less fortunate, and this fundamental drive continues to motivate him to this day.

After working nearly a decade as a NASA researcher along with a stint as an entrepreneur, Nathan left it all behind to explore other ways of living and relating. A philosopher, visionary, and design thinker at heart, he spends most of his time and energy towards creating a future where everyone can thrive. Leveraging his experience as a product manager, engineer, and researcher with over 15 years of experience working in R&D, Nathan now focuses on outreach and community-building so that anyone, anywhere can experience the benefits of living intentionally.

Passionate, determined, and strong-willed, Nathan possesses an unstoppable drive to forge a future in which everyone can prosper. He's a person who takes initiative, a "roll-your-sleeves-up" type of guy who does what is needed in the best interests of the group. He is honest and direct, humble yet self-assured, mindful, appreciative, and deeply playful at heart.

Teresa Tai


Growing up in Brooklyn, New York to uneducated immigrant parents, most of Teresa's life has been characterized by intense academic pressure in the hopes she could enjoy a life more comfortable than her family before her. In spite of the obstacles she faced, she succeeded in all the ways her parents dreamed, ultimately landing a coveted software engineering job at Google straight out of college.

Yet despite her success, she found herself wanting. Disconnected and unmotivated by the profit-driven incentives that dictated everything around her and repulsed by the consumerism, wastefulness, and isolation of modern society, Teresa set out to discover what it really means to live a wholesome, fulfilling life, and that remains her focus today as she explores what it means to live intentionally.

Ever radiating bright smiles and laughter, Teresa embodies a curiosity, a gentleness, and a deep-loving concern for the well-being of others. On top of exploring what it means to live a fulfilling life, her primary interests are in education, self-discovery, personal growth, group dynamics, and the intersection of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

What about you?

Do you think you are a good fit for the community? In the next section we will talk about the different ways people can contribute to this community-creation effort.

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