An overview of our goals and intentions.
Note: This is a living document — along with occasional spelling and grammatical errors, expect much of the content to evolve as we expand our ranks and continue in the community development process.
Are you a lonely soul weary of the isolation of the modern world and longing to find your people? Are you a landowner with a dream for a community but lack the team and resources to pull it off? Are you already in a community founder's group but open to combining forces to expand and diversify on your existing talents and increase the chances of success for your project? Are you someone busy with your family or other commitments, but interested in joining an intentional community when it is more established and stable? Or are you someone who is simply seeking a happier, healthier, more fulfilling, and more connected way of living?
Whatever your situation may be, we're excited to share with you our vision for intentional community in the hopes we may inspire you to become a part of our family. But before we dive in, let's back up and provide some context for people new to the concept of intentional living.

What is an intentional community?

An intentional community is a group of people who have come together to live according to their shared values, based on the idea that cooperative living leads to a higher quality of life than one could enjoy under the existing (individualist) paradigm that dominates much of human society today.
While the exact nature of any given intentional community may vary widely from one to the next, our general aim is to create a space which allows people to thrive, which is to say, to allow people to live up to their full potential as individuals. In such a state — when we are flourishing physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in every way central to the human experience — we have the spaciousness to fully self-actualize and pour all our energy and love into our interests and passions, the benefits of which more often than not also enrich the lives of those around us.
Most crucially, when we thrive we gain the capacity to help others. This unlocks the door for synergistic relationships: relationships in which the depth of connection, alignment, and collaborative ability is high enough that the combined efforts of those involved produces more than the sum of what could be accomplished independently. In enabling groups of people to accomplish more with less effort, there is more time for other things, allowing us greater freedom to design our lives the way we want them to be.
For this to happen in a community, social structures must be carefully designed to facilitate a high degree of social cohesion and collaboration through the cultivation of strong interpersonal connections and a commitment to personal growth and self-work for every individual. It also involves nurturing the land into regenerative abundance, with the goal of sharing that abundance with the surrounding communities as we continue to strengthen our connections both locally and with the world at large.
How exactly this is done is part of the process that every community needs to go through in their early development. Indeed, it is the careful navigation of this process is what separates the 10% of intentional communities that succeed from the 90% that are estimated to fail.
No future is ever guaranteed, and as such we can't promise any particular outcome, but what we can do is show you our attention to detail in both planning and execution which we feel distinguishes us from other intentional community efforts.
The next section will explore our overall mission that forms the foundation of the community we are creating.
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